Oxford Casino
Temporary Closure
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We certainly miss the fun and exciting times with our guests like you and are looking forward to being able to enjoy everyone’s company again soon. Your wellness and safety are our top priorities so while we are temporarily closed, we have compiled a list of FAQs that hopefully address some of the questions and concerns you may have at this time.

Q. When will Oxford Casino reopen?
A. We currently do not have a reopen date, but as soon as our government and regulatory leaders determine a reopen schedule and method, we will provide details to our guests. Please stay connected with us on our Facebook Page for the latest details as they become available.

Q. What if my Slot Machine (TITO) Cash-Out Voucher expires while the casino is temporarily closed?
A. We are working with our regulators to get approval to extend the valid date for any slot machine cash-out voucher that expired beyond the date of our closure.

Q. What will happen to my Oxford Rewards Loyalty Club Tier Status Points?
A. We will postpone Tier downgrades. Your Oxford Rewards Loyalty Club Tier Status Points will not expire or change during our temporary closing.

Q. Will my Slot Points or Comps expire?
A. No. If any available Slot Points or Comp balances you had as of our closure date expired during our closure, they will be made available once we reopen. Visit the Oxford Rewards Loyalty Club upon reopening for assistance.

Q. What happens to my drawings entries?
A. All drawing promotions scheduled during our closure date have been canceled. However, entries you may have earned for a canceled drawing may be added to a future drawing or promotion once we reopen.

Q. What will happen to my birthday promotion?
A. Qualifying guests will have this promotion available to them for up to 30 days after re-opening.

Q. What happens to my upcoming hotel reservation?
A. Our entire gaming facility operations including hotel are temporarily suspended and any hotel reservations scheduled during our closure have or will be canceled. No penalties or fees will apply. Hotel reservations scheduled for after our reopening will remain valid. New hotel reservations will be accepted once we have an available reopening date.

WIN/LOSS Statements & W-2G Requests:

Q. How can I request my W-2G during the closure?
A. Oxford Rewards Loyalty Club members who need a copy of their 2019 W2G tax form can download either form at https://bit.ly/2XBozsG

Q. How can I request my Win/Loss statement during the closure?
A. Oxford Rewards Loyalty Club members who need a copy of their 2019 2019 Win/Loss Statement can download either form at https://bit.ly/2XBSVvc

Print and fill in the form with your complete name and address as it appears on your photo ID and a telephone number where we can reach you if necessary. Include a copy of your valid photo ID. If you have your Oxford Rewards Loyalty Club number handy, please include it too.

Please allow 5 to 7 business days for requests to be processed.

Due to our temporary closure, we are not taking requests over the phone. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you for your patience as we work through this process together.