Oxford Rewards

Club Rules

  1. Membership in the Oxford Rewards Loyalty Club is FREE.
  2. To join and/or make any transaction, members must be at least 21 years of age and must provide a valid, unexpired, form of government-issued photo identification.
  3. Only the member listed on the card may receive account information or engage in transactions relating to that account. 
  4. Membership is limited to one person per account and one account per person.
  5. The account holder is the only person authorized to use the rewards and privileges associated with the account. These rewards and privileges include, but are not limited to, points, all Free Slot Play offers or prizes, entry into promotions, giveaways, tier perquisites ("perqs"), or comps.  Any use of the card by person(s) other than the account holder, is not permitted. 
  6. Membership in the Oxford Rewards Loyalty Club is a privilege that may be revoked at any time at management’s sole discretion. 
  7. Points and/or rewards are nontransferable.
  8. Points are earned by members in accordance with their gaming activity and vary depending on the type of live game or gaming device played.
  9. Slot points and tier points earned on slot or video poker machines are accrued at the rate of 1 point per $1 coin-in on slot machines and 1 point per $3 coin-in on video poker machines.  Management, at its sole discretion, may revise the method for earning points.
  10. When playing slots or video poker, it is the responsibility of the Oxford Rewards Club member to ensure that the Oxford Rewards Club card is inserted properly and activated.  To accrue points, the card must remain activated at all times throughout play.  Oxford Casino is not responsible for card reader malfunctions.
  11. To earn tier points at table games, it is the responsibility of the Oxford Rewards Club member to present his or her membership card to the dealer or pit supervisor to be rated.
  12. Tier points earned by table games are only eligible towards tier upgrades and promotions.  They may not be used for Free Slot Play or comps.
  13. Bonus points received in a promotion are not eligible towards tier upgrades or promotional entries.
  14. Program benefits and tier points are not valid in conjunction with any other promotion.  Rules may vary with specific promotions.
  15. Slot points and/or bonus points earned on slot or video poker machines may be redeemed for Free Slot Play or restaurant items (excluding alcoholic beverages) at the rate of 500 points per $1. 
  16. Management, at its sole discretion, may revise the ratio of redeeming points.
  17. Oxford Rewards tier evaluations are performed on a 3 month basis (January – March, April – June, July – September, and October – December).  Qualification is based on recorded Oxford Rewards gaming activity.
  18. All points expire 365 days after the last recorded play on the card.
  19. All comps are based on the sole discretion of management unless otherwise stated in a promotion. 
  20. Any misuse of the card as determined by management in its sole discretion, will result in forfeiture of all accumulated points and comp vouchers, and may result in the cancellation of participation in the Oxford Rewards Loyalty Club. The use of an agent to enter promotions or contests may result in the disqualification and/or expulsion from property of both the card holder and the agent.
  21. Oxford Rewards account discrepancies should be reported immediately to Guest Services. 
  22. Free Slot Play and Points must be downloaded in $1 increments.
  23. If the card is removed while Free Slot Play is still on the machine, any unused Free Slot Play will go back onto the player’s account. Free Slot Play balances that are less than $1 will aggregate until the total exceeds $1 whereupon the Free Slot Play will be available for download.
  24. Churchill Downs Incorporated and its subsidiaries are not responsible for lost or stolen cards, cash, coupons or lost/misdirected mail.  Coupons or vouchers will not be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed.
  25. Employees of Oxford Casino or Churchill Downs Incorporated and its related companies are not eligible to participate in this program.
  26. Persons who have been evicted, barred or banned from Oxford Casino or have been designated as self-excluded are not eligible to participate in the Oxford Rewards loyalty program or receive any of the related benefits.
  27. Use of the Oxford Rewards loyalty program indicates acceptance of these official rules. Oxford Casino reserves the right to revoke or deny application for Oxford Rewards membership if it is determined that the individual has not complied with club rules or the intent of this program.  Members may be subject to additional or revised rules and conditions.  Additional rules may apply to specific promotions.  Membership cards are the property of Oxford Casino and must be surrendered upon request.
  28. Any dispute or situation not covered by the above rules will be resolved by Oxford Casino’s management.  That decision shall be final and binding.
  29. Oxford Casino reserves the right, with authorization from the Maine Gambling Control Board, to alter or terminate this program with no prior notice to club members.