Taylor B.


Taylor has been with our Oxford Casino family since 2016, devoting his time to the Security department from day one.

Taylor actually holds a degree in Criminal Justice, so this career path has really been on his mind for years. His focus and dedication was evident and helped him progress through positions quickly. From Officer, to Dual-Rate Supervisor within two months, to Shift Manager not long thereafter, and now as our Security Operations Manager, Taylor has proven to be a natural leader and an exceptional team player.

With so much experience going through applications and promotions, we knew Taylor would have some great advice for anyone else seeking advancement. His recommendation: “Stay on the path. Every little detail is noticed. Keep on doing what you are doing and always make yourself available!”

We asked Taylor what a typical day looks like for him, and while the majority of his time is spent focusing on keeping guests and team members safe, he jokingly admits that emails might contend for second place. Directing the team and responding to every unique situation that may come up help keep the job fun, so every day is far from boring. He also highlighted how much he appreciates the team atmosphere – not just within the Security Department, but throughout the entire property – where, “everyone has your back.” #ONEOXFORD

If you were wondering what Taylor does for fun outside of work, you may find yourself learning a new vocabulary word (or at least we did…). This guy likes to, in his words, “rassle!” (ie. Wrestle.) He’s competitive and full of energy, which he likes to put to use by putting his body to the test and fighting in a cage!
Thank you for all that you to do for our team, Taylor, and congratulations on your latest promotion!

Team Member Spotlight - Taylor B.