Anna C.

Join us in congratulating Anna on a new promotion and continue reading below to get to know our latest #CelebratingSuccess star!

What is the best career advice you’ve ever received? For Anna C. it was as tried and true as this: “You can do anything you set your mind to.” She took that advice and ran with it, finding herself in the new position of Oxford Express Lead in our Food & Beverage Department!

We’ve all been there… it’s late, you’re starving, and you think maybe you can smell the faint tinge of brownies baking filling the air, so you follow your nose in the right direction. There, gleaming and inviting in all of its glory, you find: Oxford Express. The sandwiches, the snacks, the variety of beverage choices – they’re all fantastic. But what’s the cherry on top of it all? The faces smiling back at you when you enter, the careful consideration when taking and preparing your order, and a friendly farewell when you depart. It’s our team members that make it all worthwhile, and that’s why we sought the pleasure of chatting with Express Lead, Anna C.

Back in October, when a friend made the suggestion to apply at Oxford Casino, Anna jumped at the opportunity. In the short amount of time since then, the impact she has made in her department has been incredible. A willingness to put in extra time, stepping up to help out, and her positive attitude helped Anna quickly advance to her current position. She has a desire to help Oxford Express flourish and grow, as well as the hope of becoming a role model for her fellow team members. We are here to say, although she may not realize it, she’s accomplished that already!

Oxford Casino Hotel has a staff that Anna considers to be more like family than a team of coworkers. She is grateful for everyone helping out and a management team that appreciates everyone’s hard work. It is because of this that Anna would “100% recommend,” for others to apply here too!

Anna’s passion for being there for others and providing the best guest experience possible is what inspires us most. She too plans to continue her career here, as she gains experience and opportunities arise to move up the ladder. Eventually, Anna intends to apply her passion to a career in the Foster Care system – hoping to give back to the community and help those in need.

When she’s not working hard with the team at Oxford Casino Hotel, she’s likely with her dogs and family or volunteering to help others. You’re unstoppable, Anna! Thank you for all that you do. Be sure to say “hey” to Anna the next time you see her on the gaming floor or at Oxford Express!

Anna C - Celebrating Success