Brandon R.

Brandon is one of our many amazing Security Shift Managers helping to keep all of us and all of you safe!

Brandon originally joined our Oxford Casino Hotel team because he thought it would be a great chance to be able to interact with everyone from the community. When Brandon first came aboard, you could find him keeping us all safe as a Security Officer. After some time, Brandon did decide to pursue other opportunities, but we don’t talk about that… We just consider ourselves lucky that he made the spectacular choice to come back home to our family!

When we asked Brandon what made him re-apply here at the Casino, this time in his new role – Security Shift Manager, he told us that he missed working alongside his co-workers and the guest interactions. (We told him the feeling was mutual!) Brandon’s experience and hard work as an officer made him an ideal candidate for this position!

If you shadowed Brandon on a normal day at work, you’d find he starts his day out by briefing the officers on shift and preparing them for their day. Once done with that very important task, you’d find Brandon completing the rest of his checklist and helping out his fellow officers wherever he may be needed. On a crazier day at work, you can find Brandon helping out at any emergency situation that may arise….and thank goodness because our officers here at the Casino are so good at keeping us all safe and we are appreciative!

When speaking with Brandon, we found that a common theme for him when it came to working here was his fellow team members, who he considers to be more of a big family than a group of co-workers. When Brandon isn’t with his family here, you’ll find him enjoying time with his soon to be wife and his amazing 1 year old stepson. Brandon’s advice to someone looking to further their career? “Don’t hesitate and make the move, you won’t regret it!”

Thanks for everything you do Brandon, you are very much appreciated!

Brandon R - Celebrating Success