Jessica D.

Table Games Dual-Rate Shift Manager, Jessica D. is a pivotal part of her team.

What you may not know, is that her initial interest in a career at Oxford Casino stemmed from the suggestion and encouragement of seasoned Table Games Shift Manager, Julie M. Continue reading to see where Jess started and how she rose through the ranks in just 5 years!

Though it may have taken an Aunt twisting her arm to apply, Jessica has never regretted the decision she made to accept a position in the Table Games Department at Oxford Casino in 2017. Initially worried that her work life wouldn’t accommodate her family/personal life, she soon realized that she could have both! In fact, Jessica says, “If not for working here, I would not be who I have become nor would I have met my husband.” (Jessica recently celebrated beautiful nuptials with her husband Jason, who also worked in Table Games for a time!) We call that a win.

Starting out as many do in the department, as a Dealer, Jessica quickly learned the skills of the trade. Leaping at every opportunity to learn new games and excelling at the skills taught, Jessica was en route to advancement before she knew it. She claimed a Dual-Rate Supervisor title within the first year and soon advanced further to a full Floor Supervisor, gaining her team’s respect and knowledge of the industry at every step. When we asked Jess what she did to make these career moves, she had great insight: “I observed everything I saw floors and shifts doing, taking note of it because I knew someday I would be there too!” And it worked. Now, Jessica is the Dual-Rate Shift Manager for Table Games, where her responsibilities include: supervising, ensuring procedures are being followed correctly, directing the team, and of course…making sure the guests are having WICKED good fun!

Speaking of the team – it is important to note that they are the foundation for what makes this the best job Jess has ever had. They are her favorite part of working here, as they have created a true family atmosphere – helping each other out through tough times and sharing laughter through the good ones.

And while family means a lot, that’s not to say that the pay and benefits aren’t key contributors to the joy of the job! Jess highly recommends Oxford Casino careers to others because of how comfortable the career has allowed her to be. No longer working endless hours with minimal returns, Jess now has a schedule that allows for dinner and bed time with her kids, as well as unmatched benefits like 401K options and PTO for family time.

Going forward, Jessica intends to continue moving up in the industry. In her words, “This type of work has endless opportunities and I intend on taking advantage of them!” We love your spirit, Jess, and your ambition is inspiring. Thank you for all you do and we can’t wait to see how much more you’ll accomplish!

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