Mike H.

“Don’t forget where you came from,” is the mindset that Mike H. maintains and the advice he attributes to career success.

Mike received his start at Oxford Casino Hotel in 2012, opening year, as a Table Games Dealer. Now, he helps to run the show (and keeps it FUN) as a Dual-Shift Manager in Table Games

Oxford Casino was a brand new business in June of 2012 and Mike had a feeling that it would be a success – unique to the area with nothing but room to grow. Inspired, he applied for a dealer class and learned quickly among a select group of skilled comrades. He made it his focus to learn every available game and succeeded within a year of being hired. A promotion shortly followed, earning him the new title of Dual-Rate Supervisor. From there, Mike says, “I made sure to learn as much as I could and always try to ask questions. I learned some very difficult lessons along the way but they all molded me to who I am today.”

Since then, we’ve seen Mike advance onto a Full-Floor Supervisor and now to Dual-Shift Manager. We had to wonder: what’s coming up next? He assured us that there’s still a long way to the top and he is determined to climb the ladder – taking every opportunity to learn and hone his craft along the way. When talking about his career, he said it, “is something you are always working on and improving, something you see yourself doing in years to come.” Plans for the future may involve exploring and traveling out West, but for now, the East coast is glad to have a dedicated and humble team mate like Mike.

Since he’s been around Oxford Casino Hotel from the beginning, we knew he’d have some good advice for others seeking their career start, too. When asked if and why he’d recommend working at Oxford Casino Hotel to others, Mike’s candid reply was, “Absolutely. This industry isn’t for everyone, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from trying any of the various departments we have here. As for tables, you get to play games and talk with new people. Sure, some days may be stressful, but it’s a great job, or career, to have!”

And as for seeking advancement, with years of experience applying and interviewing, Mike says: “Never stop asking questions, never settle for good enough, and never give up. Positivity breeds positivity just as negativity breeds negativity, so why not find the positives?”

When you don’t see Mike’s friendly face out on the casino floor, it’s likely that he’s spending quality time with his two boys – every second pure amazement, in his words – or spoiling his special someone. When you do see his friendly face out on the casino floor – be sure to say hello! We are so grateful for your positivity and all that you do, Mike!


Mike H. - Celebrating Success