OXFORD, MAINE – JANUARY 16, 2013- With 2012 closed, the owners and managers of Oxford Casino have estimated the new business’s economic impact on the state of Maine to be more than $25 million for the year with over 400 new jobs created. Maine Gambling Control Board’s annual report for 2012 revealed that Oxford Casino contributed $14.8 million dollars in tax revenue, the majority of which is earmarked for secondary education. In addition to these tax dollars, Oxford Casino paid millions of dollars in wages for 429 employees, $54,325 in charitable contributions, and $8.9 million for products and services from regional businesses.

The total amount of money infused into the Maine economy through Oxford Casino exceeds the direct impact of $25 million. The total construction costs for the facility built last spring and the addition constructed over the summer plus all the services and products purchased from Maine businesses totaled $8.9 million. Regional businesses also have benefited from the nearly one million people who have so far visited Oxford Casino. The new jobs created by Oxford Casino have allowed many people to discontinue state unemployment benefits.

“I voted for the casino to create jobs and a positive economic impact in Oxford County and the State,” said Sen. John Patrick (D-Oxford), “and the casino has proven to be just such a positive force.”

“We certainly are pleased that the tax revenue from Oxford Casino is having a positive impact on schools around the state,” said Jack Sours, vice president and general manager of Oxford Casino. “We’re proud of the business’s contribution to the education of young people in our state, and we’re happy with our positive impact on people and businesses in our community.” The economic impact on the state will likely more than double in 2013. Oxford Casino only operated for seven months in 2012, and the facility has expanded once already since its initial opening in June. Oxford Casino will also continue with its planned giving to the community through monetary and in-kind donations.

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