Alisa S.


Long time team member Alisa, aka “Ali” has been with the Food & Beverage Department since 2015! Ali originally started as a Cocktail Server and moved up to a Bartender at the Video Poker Bar. Creating great guest connections is the biggest reason why she enjoys the F&B department, but she was curious how things worked on the back end and decided to apply for a Dual-Rate Supervisor position. Now, Ali’s new role allows her to help in all her previous positions, along with expanding her knowledge of the industry.

Outside of work, Ali is an Ordained Minister and a Chicken-Tender. Ali’s marriage ceremony services have been requested by many fellow team members, in fact, and her birds are honorary family members, who are welcome to enter the house.

We’re glad for your fun presence on the team, Ali! Keep up the great work!

Photo of Team Member Spotlight Alisa S. and write up