Desiree C.


“Desiree made her debut in housekeeping in 2021. Since she was first hired, she’s been eager to learn anything we were willing to teach her. She’s upbeat, has great guest service, and is always willing to help everyone she could. She developed into one of our strongest housekeepers, and took on new roles with the company, becoming a dual rate as fast as we could train her. Desiree quickly made a name for herself by being positive, professional, helpful, and attentive. She did decide to try her hand in a few other jobs but found that she missed the camaraderie and new adventures that come along with being in housekeeping. Since her return, she picked up right where she left off and is constantly helping and teaching her co-workers. Desiree is well liked in the department, and I cannot wait to see her full potential with this company. She will do remarkable things.”

-Jen Morrill
Housekeeping Shift Manager

Team Member Spotlight - Desiree C