Jennifer L.


Join us in following Jen’s journey from Casino Housekeeping in 2015, all the way to Hotel Front Desk Supervisor!

Jennifer has been rising through the ranks since she started here. To Dual-rate Housekeeping Supervisor soon after being hired, and onto Room Inspector after that, it has always been clear that Jen is eager to advance. She fearlessly applied for the Hotel Front Desk and managed to continue up to Supervisor, where the impact she’s made is uncanny. We asked her what advice she’d give to others who want to move up in their careers (since she’s got it down pat), and she said: “Go for it. Don’t be afraid of being turned down, use it as a learning opportunity.”

When Jen comes in for a day of work, she never expects it to be the same as the one before. She has the pleasure of meeting new people daily, as well as connecting with the regulars that she’s gotten to know personally as often as she can. Supervising the Front Desk has its responsibilities – like completing timesheets, schedules, and assisting agents – which she does happily, but Jen’s favorite thing about her job is the agents themselves. Seeing her team and getting to know what makes each one of them unique is what she looks forward to most.

Since she considers the career opportunities to be the best benefit of working at Oxford Casino, we had to ask what future goals she has and how she plans to get there. While dreams of travelling still reserve space in Jen’s mind, she’s staying focused on learning all aspects of hotel management with help from her manager, Amy, (remember Amy from earlier in the series?). With every daily task and challenges that arise, Jen is gaining experience every day and looks forward to applying her knowledge of the industry to a future position in management. She plans to continue to take the best career advice she’s received: “Don’t let rejection stop you from reaching your goals.”

You’re a joy to work with, Jen, and we can’t wait to see what you continue to accomplish!

Jennifer L - Team Member Spotlight