Justin K.


Oxford Casino Hotel is proud to introduce our newest Dual Rate Slot Attendant, Justin K!

Perhaps you’ll recognize him from his former position in Table Games or even in Security, but we think you’ll enjoy his increased presence on the floor in the Slot Department. Justin strives to enhance every guests’ experience by putting others before himself and pointing out the positives in each work day.

When you combine proximity and personality, it seems inevitable that Justin would find his career at Oxford Casino. A people person by his own description and a local to the town of Oxford, he initially took a position in Security in 2017. He quickly realized how excitingly interactive the industry can be and soon saw himself entertaining guests by flipping over four-of-a-kind or busting out on Blackjack. Now, though he’s still learning the nuances, he’s settling into Slots, where his ability and willingness to assist others truly shines. We asked Justin what the best part of his day is now, and he responded, “To see the joy on someone’s face when they win a great jackpot. The people who never have won before are personally my favorite.”

We inquired about what motivated Justin to advance his career and why Oxford Casino was the place to do so and his answer was, not-shockingly, positive and inspiring: “I worked in Table games for about 4 years. I loved my time with it and I’ll miss the job and the people. As soon as I heard of opportunities in Slots, I planned an interview and gave myself as much time as I needed to put myself out there! I still have a lot to learn, so I plan to be a sponge for a while and I’m happy to be where I’ve worked to be. When you care about the people who come in and you’re excited to work, this is the right place to be.”

Justin’s upbeat mentality is not reserved solely for work, as you could imagine. His wife and young son are priority #1, and time spent with them is always a joy! He also keeps himself busy outside of work with competitive gaming and a passion for music. Justin says, to get through any day, he maintains this mentality: “If that’s the worst thing that happened to me today, then I had a pretty good day.”

Be sure to say “Hey,” if you see Justin on the floor, and we’re sure he’ll do his best to make your day!

Keep up the great work, Justin!

Team Member Spotlight - Justin K