Kaleb H.


Join us as we get to know our newest Network Administrator (and longtime lifesaver), Kaleb H!

From a young age, you could find Kaleb keeping himself busy – whether it be building his own PC or teaching himself what he considers his first language, HTML. He completed a degree in IT as the years went on, and soon discovered Oxford Casino was hiring in 2012. Though he was unsure of the casino industry to start, he nevertheless began a career as a Slot Technician and proved himself to not only be incredibly handy with the equipment, but resourceful and analytical as well, it did not take long before Kaleb found his real home here, in the IT Department.

From IT Analyst, to Senior IT Technician, and now on up to Network Administrator! What is the formula for success? Kaleb highlights the importance of honing his craft – both inside and outside of work, and having a passion for learning more. He even shared with us the advice he received, the advice that convinced him to apply for IT in the first place, despite feeling he was lacking confidence: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, so just try.”

We thank whoever gave Kaleb that advice, for we would not be the same without him. On a daily basis, he literally keeps the casino running. Confirming servers are connecting, configuring switches, troubleshooting… all while coming to the rescue and helping to “put out fires,” for the team with a poise and calm that so clearly reflects his years of experience. (And when he’s not saving our skins from scams or repairing robotics? You might find Kaleb enjoying F1 Redbull Racing, relaxing with his wife, golfing, or gaming.)

We asked Kaleb if/why he would recommend working here to others. Aside from his praise of the “amazing staff,” (right back at ya, Kaleb!) and incredible benefits, he shared this:

 “IT is a career based discipline. Working here allows you access to a plethora of systems you don’t normally see anywhere else. It gives you a larger view of how different systems operate as well as the opportunity to learn from expansive resources, not just on-site but also at corporate (resources being people). All of this can be taken with you to continue a career elsewhere. You’re building skills for life, not just punching the clock every day.”

Thanks for all you do for us, Kaleb!

Team Member spotlight - Kaleb H