Rhiannon S.


We are proud to introduce you to Oxford Casino Hotel’s Digital Marketing Manager, Rhiannon S.

If you’ve been coming to Oxford Casino since Day 1, well… Rhi’s got you beat! Her career started back in May of 2012, before the building even opened for business, and her presence here has been essential ever since.

We asked Rhi to share just what inspired her to work here. She says, “I needed a challenge; I was bored and sick of working the same, entry-level, dead end jobs that did not challenge my abilities. I needed something harder, to work my mind and allow goals to be set for my future. I wanted an exciting career working with people, and was able to find a good balance between professional life, and personal life.”

Her initial position was as a Lead in Express, which she says was a great place to start, “getting to know what happens ‘behind the scenes’ in Food & Beverage, and working alongside some of the BEST in the local food industry!” However, it wasn’t long before she found the department she was destined for, accepting a position as Marketing Supervisor. In this position, Rhi found that, “helping to make graphics, editing the website and learning the Database side of Marketing gave me the motivation to want MORE out of my career and not settle for a job that I do not fully enjoy showing up to every day.”

…Cut to 10 years later and you’ll find that Rhiannon has since received Employee of the Year accolades, accepted another promotion to Digital Marketing Manager, and only continues to flourish. In her words, “Working at Oxford Casino is a career, not just a job. They take pride in creating long-term employment opportunities for Team Members and help them work towards those goals. Oxford Casino is filled with opportunities to grow within the industry and on a personal level, both of which are highly encouraged by upper management.”

What inspires us most about Rhiannon is her drive and passion for life. Not only is she the type to never give up when facing a challenge, she’s also the type to treat any bad day as a learning opportunity. She shows appreciation for her career and the team around her, evidenced by her encouragement to ask questions, to learn more, and to grow. “Prove that you are willing to learn, make changes and show up every day to work hard. Prove that you are consistent, professional, and open to new opportunities.”

In the coming 10 years, you can expect to see Rhiannon continuing to learn and take pride in her current position while she forges ahead to plant roots in the community. When she’s not at work or busy navigating the home buying market, she’s likely spending time with her son and family enjoying the outdoors. “I like to stay active, but I also love to relax.” Just like at work, “we are able to have Wicked Good Fun, and do our jobs at the same time.” The key, according to Rhi, is all about finding a happy balance.

Rhiannon S - Team Member Spotlight