Vanessa S.


Join us as we congratulate our very own Vanessa S. on her promotion to Cage Shift Manager!

2016-era Vanessa had no idea where she’d wind up when she applied at Oxford Casino Hotel via a career fair. Having been to a casino just for fun before, she imagined that working there could be fun, too! Knowing that there would be no workplace comparable to this fast-paced, bright environment in the local area, she jumped at the opportunity to join the team!

As she settled into a new industry, she quickly discovered her favorite aspect of this career choice. Vanessa shouts out the “internal guests,” – our team – as being the best part of choosing Oxford Casino Hotel.  “We meet interesting people that we may not meet outside of work and become friends,” she says.

It was one such internal guest, in fact, that helped Vanessa decide to take the steps to eventually apply for advanced positions. After some time getting the routine of Guest Services down, she was encouraged to apply for and accept a Dual-Rate Supervisor position. When we asked her which aspects of working at Oxford Casino Hotel convinced her to commit to making this her career, not just a job, she said: “There is so much room for improvement for everyone. And, management that actually likes to help! With the right attitude, it’s a great place to work.”

These days, Vanessa holds the position of Cage Shift Manager. A social butterfly through and through, she lives for the interactions with her team and the guests. Though the day can be hectic, she also finds serenity in the opportunity to learn. “Knowledge is what made me want to apply. I love learning.” Vanessa has gleaned a variety of techniques to succeed in Guest Services, pointing to the importance of knowledge, kindness, understanding, and patience. These core values aid her in not only day-to-day work interactions, but also serve to provide an arsenal of assets for her personal life and future aspirations.

Speaking of, we asked Vanessa what she likes to do for fun. When she’s not busy behind the hustle and bustle of Guest Services, you may have to really search to find her. We hear she’ll be buried in a pile of acronyms… SMITE, TFT, and DND to name a few!

We’re glad to have you on the management team, Vanessa! Thank you for your hard work and positive way of thinking! Be sure to say hey to Vanessa the next time you see her on the casino floor!

Vanessa S - Team Member Spotlight