Super 6 Saturday

The CASH Jackpot starts at $39,500 on Saturday, June 29, 2024 at the 3:00pm drawing!

Your Saturday just got SUPER! Beginning at 12:00pm, go to any promotional kiosk and pick 6 Lucky numbers ranging from 1–20.
Your numbers will print out on a slip below the kiosk screen, keep that slip; those numbers are good for the duration of the promotion.

Hourly drawings from 3:00pm to 8:00pm.

When the GRAND PRIZE is hit AND claimed it will reset at $20,000. If no one wins the jackpot, we’ll add $1,500 to the prize for the next Super 6 Saturday drawing!

NEW FOR 2024:

Whenever the Super 6 Saturday jackpot reaches $162,500, it will freeze at that total and every time the jackpot is not claimed, the $1,500 rollover prize will be added to the $20,000 reset amount.

For example: if the CASH jackpot is at $162,500 and no one matches all 6 numbers at the drawing, the additional $1,500 will now be added to the $20,000 reset amount, creating a primary jackpot of $162,500 and a rollover jackpot of $21,500. The rollover jackpot will continue to gain the additional $1,500 each drawing that the CASH jackpot is not claimed. Once that primary $162,500 jackpot is hit and claimed, the new CASH jackpot total will reset to the amount of the rollover jackpot.

See Guest Services for details.

Terms and Conditions: No purchase necessary. Must be present to select numbers and win. Gold Cardholders will receive one free selection. Platinum Cardholders will receive two free selections. Black Cardholders will receive three free selections. If multiple grand prize winners, jackpot will be split evenly between entrants. All picks final and valid for this date only. There is no prize for matching 0-1 numbers. There is no consolation prize if the grand prize or secondary prize is not claimed. All other prizes will be automatically loaded onto the winners’ accounts and will expire at midnight on the day of the promotion. Winners matching 5 and 6 numbers must claim prize within 5 minutes of announcement. See Guest Services for details.


Super 6 Saturday 2023