Devon G.


Say hello to a familiar face – our friendly Bartender, Devon G!

With over 8 years of experience in Food & Beverage at Oxford Casino Hotel, it’s likely that you’ve interacted with Devon one way or another throughout the years. We’ve shaken, not stirred, up a conversation with him for our #CelebratingSuccess series, and we invite you to join us as we get to know Devon!

Devon is no stranger to changing things up. He is a man of many hats. His experience prior to Oxford Casino was varied – ranging from Library Service Tech, to Skiing Instructor, to Groundskeeper. Though successful at all of these, Devon still sought to challenge himself. His motto for life is, “make the most out of your life, but make sure you enjoy it.” He knew it was time to follow his own advice, and as a self-admitted introvert, Devon knew that he wanted to push himself to more social environments. What better place to do that than at Oxford Casino?

Starting as a dishwasher in Food & Beverage, Devon quickly made friends with team members and guests and certainly cracked his shell – so much so that he began dating and soon married his now wife while working here! (Congrats!) As he got to know the management team, and coworkers became more like family, the possibility to move positions became more appetizing.

Devon highlights the opportunities for advancement at Oxford Casino as key players in what makes this his career, and not just a job. He has had numerous opportunities to train in aspects of the industry, filling the shoes of a dishwasher, busser, restaurant host, express attendant, bar back, and finally, bartender. Throughout each transition, Devon has also been grateful for the benefit options – like the 401K and Employee Stock Purchase Program – which he finds unmatched by any previous employer he’s had in the area.

Devon has settled into Bartending for some time now, and while it seems like a pretty straight-forward position, we still wondered what his typical day looks like. There are the required tasks, like stocking shelves and coolers, and the obvious: making drinks (and jokes). But what does he enjoy the most in the day?  Being a “lucky charm.” Nothing makes him happier at work* than when guests get excited winning jackpots at the Video Poker bar!

*When he’s not at work, Devon finds joy in his self-proclaimed “nerdier” things of life: Magic the Gathering, reading, video games, and playing chess, as well as the “less nerdy,” precious time he spends with his kids and kicking butt at karaoke!


Devon G- Team Member spotlight