Author: Brooke Mathieu


Join us as we get to know our newest Network Administrator (and longtime lifesaver), Kaleb H!

From a young age, you could find Kaleb keeping himself busy – whether it be building his own PC or teaching himself what he considers his first language, HTML. He completed a degree in IT as the years went on, and soon discovered Oxford Casino was hiring in 2012. Though he was unsure of the casino industry to start, he nevertheless began a career as a Slot Technician and proved himself to not only be incredibly handy with the equipment, but resourceful and analytical as well, it did not take long before Kaleb found his real home here, in the IT Department.

From IT Analyst, to Senior IT Technician, and now on up to Network Administrator! What is the formula for success? Kaleb highlights the importance of honing his craft – both inside and outside of work, and having a passion for learning more. He even shared with us the advice he received, the advice that convinced him to apply for IT in the first place, despite feeling he was lacking confidence: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, so just try.”

We thank whoever gave Kaleb that advice, for we would not be the same without him. On a daily basis, he literally keeps the casino running. Confirming servers are connecting, configuring switches, troubleshooting… all while coming to the rescue and helping to “put out fires,” for the team with a poise and calm that so clearly reflects his years of experience. (And when he’s not saving our skins from scams or repairing robotics? You might find Kaleb enjoying F1 Redbull Racing, relaxing with his wife, golfing, or gaming.)

We asked Kaleb if/why he would recommend working here to others. Aside from his praise of the “amazing staff,” (right back at ya, Kaleb!) and incredible benefits, he shared this:

 “IT is a career based discipline. Working here allows you access to a plethora of systems you don’t normally see anywhere else. It gives you a larger view of how different systems operate as well as the opportunity to learn from expansive resources, not just on-site but also at corporate (resources being people). All of this can be taken with you to continue a career elsewhere. You’re building skills for life, not just punching the clock every day.”

Thanks for all you do for us, Kaleb!

Team Member Spotlight - Kaleb H.


Say hello to a familiar face – our friendly Bartender, Devon G!

With over 8 years of experience in Food & Beverage at Oxford Casino Hotel, it’s likely that you’ve interacted with Devon one way or another throughout the years. We’ve shaken, not stirred, up a conversation with him for our #CelebratingSuccess series, and we invite you to join us as we get to know Devon!

Devon is no stranger to changing things up. He is a man of many hats. His experience prior to Oxford Casino was varied – ranging from Library Service Tech, to Skiing Instructor, to Groundskeeper. Though successful at all of these, Devon still sought to challenge himself. His motto for life is, “make the most out of your life, but make sure you enjoy it.” He knew it was time to follow his own advice, and as a self-admitted introvert, Devon knew that he wanted to push himself to more social environments. What better place to do that than at Oxford Casino?

Starting as a dishwasher in Food & Beverage, Devon quickly made friends with team members and guests and certainly cracked his shell – so much so that he began dating and soon married his now wife while working here! (Congrats!) As he got to know the management team, and coworkers became more like family, the possibility to move positions became more appetizing.

Devon highlights the opportunities for advancement at Oxford Casino as key players in what makes this his career, and not just a job. He has had numerous opportunities to train in aspects of the industry, filling the shoes of a dishwasher, busser, restaurant host, express attendant, bar back, and finally, bartender. Throughout each transition, Devon has also been grateful for the benefit options – like the 401K and Employee Stock Purchase Program – which he finds unmatched by any previous employer he’s had in the area.

Devon has settled into Bartending for some time now, and while it seems like a pretty straight-forward position, we still wondered what his typical day looks like. There are the required tasks, like stocking shelves and coolers, and the obvious: making drinks (and jokes). But what does he enjoy the most in the day?  Being a “lucky charm.” Nothing makes him happier at work* than when guests get excited winning jackpots at the Video Poker bar!

*When he’s not at work, Devon finds joy in his self-proclaimed “nerdier” things of life: Magic the Gathering, reading, video games, and playing chess, as well as the “less nerdy,” precious time he spends with his kids and kicking butt at karaoke!


Team Member Spotlight - Devon G.


Her passion for the hospitality industry is evident through interactions with diverse guests and team members – always maintaining a calm, professional demeanor, but still quick to make you laugh.

Robin started at Oxford in Night Audit at the Hotel. Through many late nights turning into early mornings and paperwork aplenty, Robin held down the fort at the front desk. Her passion for the hospitality industry is evident through interactions with diverse guests and team members – always maintaining a calm, professional demeanor, but still quick to make you laugh.

Robin originally learned about working in hotels from a previous position in Brunswick, Georgia! A few years ago, Robin found herself in the South, where she, “fell in love with all the aspects of the human interactions of hospitality.” She ultimately returned to our Pine Tree State to be closer to home and hoped to see similar opportunities open up in Oxford. Now, just a few years later, Robin’s been promoted to Front Desk Dual Rate Supervisor!

When we asked Robin what she loves about her new position, her response was poetic. In addition to being more connected to the customers during the day, she truly enjoys, “being able to practice the delicate art of defusing a situation that was previously lacking a little patience.” Her leadership style is incredibly considerate and promotes positivity in the workplace.
Robin’s recommendation for those looking to advance as well? “Do your best, smile, be kind. If you can foresee and avoid a conflict, do so. But most of all, believe in yourself and take a chance.”

The new position brings less nocturnal work hours and therefore a lot more time for Robin to do the things she loves. Her passion in life is art. She is a master of stained glass and loves to crochet, often donating her handmade hats to local charities and people in need.

Robin has certainly made an impact on the team at Oxford Casino Hotel and is an inspiration to many who know her. If you haven’t had the opportunity, be sure to meet Robin the next time you visit the Front Desk and join us in congratulating her on this new promotion!

Team Member Spotlight - RobinMae V.


Michael is one of our Casino Hosts with the most and a seasoned team member here at Oxford Casino!

Seven years ago, you may have interacted with a fanatic of English Football (i.e. soccer) at a window in Guest Services or perhaps in 2018 you created a friendly connection when you checked in at the hotel front desk. These days, you’ll have the absolute pleasure of working with Michael in many forms. As a Casino Host, his day is non-stop and his friendly face is seen regularly out on the floor, at promotions, and visiting guests in the pub.

What you might not see is Mike’s expertise in the office. As a certified whiz with the hotel system, Michael helps guests reserve rooms for upcoming trips, with complimentary offers for dining, and answers a myriad of questions that come to him from a variety of departments. Checking in with and getting to know guests is certainly the highlight of many days as a host, but Michael’s favorite thing about working here? The team. “I work with so many great people who are all working towards the same goal: making Oxford the best place to work! This is the best staff I’ve ever worked with.”

We asked Michael what made him want to work here, and we appreciate his honesty. The truth is, many Mainers would have never considered working in the casino industry prior to Oxford Casino Hotel opening – Michael included. However, once the opportunity opened, he grabbed it and never looked back. Right away it was clear that this industry was for him, suiting his strengths and helping to hone skills that he needs to succeed. Once he learned how Casino Hosts interact with guests and how essential their presence in the casino is to making it FUN, he had a goal. In late 2019, Michael finally had the opportunity to crush that goal. The rest is host history!

When he’s not working, this family man is spending time with his wife and menagerie of pets, rooting on Manchester United, or spending time with his adorable nieces and nephews. Make sure you meet Michael next time you see him on the floor!

Team Member Spotlight - Michael G.


Lucas started his journey with us as the FIRST licensed dealer in the State of Maine, and as a part of our opening team back in 2012!

Lucas knew from the get go that he wanted to further his career here with us and made that possible by working hard and continuing to further his gaming knowledge. His role as an Assistant Shift Manager is to assist with the day to day operations of the Table Games department. A typical day for Lucas starts with openning up tables to get the floor ready in order for our guests to have a variety of tables to play. He then moves on to working on payroll and any paperwork required for the department and current shift. Lucas also told us that he enjoys solving any issues that may arise on the gaming floor.

We asked Lucas what his favorite part about working at Oxford was, and he told us it’s all about the people that he works with; they’re one of his main reasons for staying with us for 10 years!

If you see Lucas on your next visit to the tables be sure to say hello!

Team Member Spotlight - Lucas L